Can I Have A Hug?

Okay, wala lang `to, K? Nag-search lang ako sa net ng different kinds of Hugs. Hehe! I posted this on my blog last month. Share ko lang dito :)


  • Tight Hugs: the kind of hug where they just hug you so tight for a long period of time without words involved between you two. Your partner will pull you really, really close and will put their arms around you and will squeeze you tight.
  • Unexpected Hugs: the kind of hug where you are doing your own thing and they will come behind you and will hug you unexpectedly. They will surprise you by suddenly hugging you from behind while you are busy doing something else.
  • Lift-up Hugs: (or Ecstatic Jump-n-Hug) the kind of hug where they were just standing there, arms wide and you just run to them and let them hug you while you lift up your legs and let them carry you. It’s like, you run to them with so much excitement and they’re waiting at you with smile and arms wide.
  • Spinning Hugs: the kind of hug where they hug you and spin you around in circles. Spinning while hugging, like that.
  • Encouraging Hugs: the kind of hug where they will pull you close to them and will squeeze you gently with a light and gentle pat at your back—as if telling you that they are there for you.
  • Passionate Hugs: the kind of hug where they pull you closely and will give you a passionate hug as they gently kiss you along your neck or your shoulder blade.
  • Snuggle Hugs: the kind of hug that usually works when sitting. This is where they drape their arms around your shoulders and snuggle up close.
  • Sympathy Hugs: the kind of hug where they pull you close, they place their arms around you, and lay your head on their shoulder as they give your back a light rub.

Sa mga Hugs na nandito, ang pinaka-favorite ko eh `yung Sympathy Hug and yung Lift-Up Hugs. Hihihi. I enjoyed receiving those kind of hugs especially coming from him :)

-Marione Ashley

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Beautiful Distraction.

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